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  1. warlokboats

    L/F ufo or shooter 45 cowl

    Prefer new but will consider a used one Thanks for looking
  2. warlokboats


    I’m assuming orders place for “not in stock parts” will be valid?
  3. warlokboats

    LF 3.5 Green Head CMB Valvola parts.

    Sam the new black head beta bore is 16.15 and the greenhead is 16.14. That only .0004 smaller. Could lightly sand to fit.
  4. warlokboats

    Oiler reservoir

    What size hole are you putting in for the outlet?
  5. warlokboats

    Oiler reservoir

    Thanks guys
  6. warlokboats

    Oiler reservoir

    Was things of doing a oiler in my hydro. How do I determine how big of a reservoir I need for a 21 hydro? thanks
  7. warlokboats

    Looking for NEW of like new beta evo

    Stu should be having his Xmas sale soon.
  8. warlokboats

    JAE 21GT Build

    Christofer Harris, what software is that? thanks
  9. warlokboats

    And The Testing Continues

    Can we get any details on setup motor and boat?
  10. warlokboats

    21 hydros

    I have a couple more spots this winter for builds. I have 4 in the works right now. Make that 1 more spot for this winter builds.
  11. Whats the difference between a 1815-19-38 and 1815-17-45?
  12. warlokboats

    WTB CMDi tuned pipe bracket mounts

    The speedmaster has 2 holes in the piece that goes on the pipe for different heights. I cut it to so the pipe is lower on my 21s.
  13. warlokboats

    WTB CMDi tuned pipe bracket mounts

    The speedmaster pipe mount is the same except CMDi has 3 holes instead of a slot.
  14. warlokboats

    Shaft Oilers

    Who sells them? Looking for a small one for a 21 boat. Thanks for looking
  15. warlokboats

    Clear coat

    You have 24hrs to use it up.