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  1. DaveMarles


    On nitro engines.... 1. On a rigger the pipe is being cooled by the airflow as you go faster. That is just what you do not want. 2. Pipe design. In general, a short steep angled rear cone will cut off the power after peak. A shallow rear cone angle will allow more over-rev. On gas engines the same applies but you can also extend over-rev more easily by severely retarding the ignition after peak.
  2. DaveMarles


    Yes to both.
  3. DaveMarles


    Terry, When your boat is running at it's maximum speed it is well past the rpm point of peak hp.
  4. DaveMarles


    Better peak hp and most important over-rev. but trying to maintain a decent torque curve at the same time .
  5. DaveMarles


    I have not used a one way bearing on either of these dynos. At first I would blip the throttle when the flywheel was slowing down after a run, but in practice the flywheel disengaged pretty quickly. If there is a brake on the flywheel then it can be slowed very quickly. One of those things where it is possible to overthink what in practice is quite simple. On the first dyno in the previous pics (roughly based on info Lohring kindly provided) I used 2 couplings with a square shaft between the motor and the clutch but the square material twisted pretty quickly and I changed to having the clutch directly on the engine. The downside being the time taken changing motors over but in practice I mostly used one crankcase with different cylinders. I did hundreds of runs without a problem. On the belt drive dyno I have a coupling between the motor and cluch so that I can easily swap between motors and also use it for 91 nitro engines.
  6. DaveMarles

    OS 21XM Mk1 parts needed

    Andy, I have conrods for that motor http://www.prestwich.ndirect.co.uk/OSengines.htm
  7. DaveMarles

    WTB - Futaba TM-7 or TM-8 FASST tx module.

    Terry.I have a TM7
  8. DaveMarles

    Boris Mazor passed away

    RIP Boris, a true innovator.
  9. DaveMarles

    Gen-4M flow meter are back

    Boris, I will just have to suck it up. Please let me know the total and your PP address.
  10. DaveMarles

    Gen-4M flow meter are back

    Boris, I would like to buy a flowmeter shipped to UK.
  11. DaveMarles

    CMB Alpha carb

    I had most success with the ignition at set at 1.2mm BTDC.
  12. DaveMarles

    Bushnell radar.

    Terry, GPS the telemetry rx and gps unit is too big for the 3.5 rigger and mono
  13. DaveMarles

    Bushnell radar.

    Terry, I run normally with rpm and speed telemetry using the Multiplex radio but not logged, just max speed, actual speed and rpm on the screen.
  14. DaveMarles

    Bushnell radar.

    Stalker it is then
  15. DaveMarles

    Bushnell radar.

    Is the Bushnell 101911 radar gun any good for rc boats?