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  2. julianconde

    KEPS TPL12 Frame Up

    It’s going to be a challenge to get all there engines sync together but that’s the beauty of the hobby learn as you go
  3. Ive got a few sets myself. Used to sell them when I had Ovalexpress.
  4. a lonadier

    boats for sale

    Yes I will Send me address so I can get shipping quote
  5. shoboat

    SpeedWeek 2019

    Glenn, Donna, & John, Only three weeks away, I can’t wait, it should be fun. Mark Sholund
  6. Ronnie Lerew

    FS Prather Exhaust Throttle

    Joseph It's yours. Sent you a message asking for address to get shipping cost. Ron
  7. dr gary turner

    IMPBA 2019 Internats

    Do bears go tinkle in the woods
  8. Thanks Mark , we'll give it all we've got for sure !
  9. JosephTirado

    Phil Thomas lobster boat hull

    Hello rc,more pics.please ! !
  10. riggerman

    Ride pad dimension's for .21 size tunnel hull 's ?

    Thanks for the great replies the turn pads may be a project in itself. Regards Andris Golts.
  11. Jesse Carlton

    WTB: 3.5 Outdrive for K&B

    looks like i'll be ordering new....any opinions on the hyperformance versus mecoa?
  12. seaducerpete

    IMPBA 2019 Internats

    Hey Doc you gonna enter the green monster in f mono
  13. Nickcagle

    boats for sale

  14. Carl Van Houten

    Ride pad dimension's for .21 size tunnel hull 's ?

    What Bill has told you is good advise. There is a lot going on when a tunnel boat starts its transition into the turns and there are some boats out there that are ill handling due to a variety of possible design related issues. Not to imply that the W.O.F. boat you are planning to work on is one of these but for a design that is way off, nothing in the way of spin pads will transform it into a great turning boat so just be aware of that and don't get discouraged when trying different things that don't seem to help or that make things worse. You can learn a lot by experimenting with pads. -Carl
  15. Nickcagle

    .21 mono micro burst

    RTR prefer
  16. Rc painter

    Phil Thomas lobster boat hull

    boat was orig. set up for 67 cmb nitro
  17. Nickcagle

    boats for sale

    Would you take $125 for the mono micro burst
  18. stevebullet

    Futaba 4pk with 3 receivers

    Let me know when you get it, I wrapped it in bubble wrap and packed in peanuts and $250 insurance. I hope it’s ok. I worry to much lol
  19. Tom, I hope those can get it done against the new Stealth Series Roadrunner boats. It should be a great test for a lot of the new boats. Good Luck And Have A Blast, Mark Sholund
  20. TomGracey

    1/8 Winston Lobster Tail

    I thought U were serious NOT
  21. TomGracey

    1/8 Winston Lobster Tail

    T nuts in the table's t slots
  22. JosephTirado

    Phil Thomas lobster boat hull

    W/power can we use?or recommended .
  23. JosephTirado

    Phil Thomas lobster boat hull

    I'm in for one!!
  24. Rc painter

    Phil Thomas lobster boat hull

    automotive,hok neon orange,urethane clear
  25. brad nichols

    CMB 45s

    Motor got here today and everything looks good!! Thanks Brad
  26. BradSpencer

    OS Remote Needles / Parts

    Funds received, thanks Mike. Will PM tracking info once shipped(today or tomorrow).
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