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Sunday june 28th

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Welcome to my blog, everyday I will update this blog what I do ragarding it is r/c racing with my boats, buggy or what I did today for my business (visit my website www.fruitofthejungle.ws for more info) . I also write about what I did with my family.

Today I am preparing my cat for a testdrive. I changed from crystals to 2.4ghz in my Sanwa/Airtronics M11.


Update: went to the lake and I tried a cheap 38mm prop and in the corners it cavitates. On the straight it has not so much speed as my old setup (5S now running 4S) but it has good speed. At the end one of the battery leads became lose of the connector and the boat was dead in the water! I was lucky that it was only 1 feet of the shore so I had to step in the lake to pick it up. I have to re-solder the lead and try another prop.

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