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  1. Lay26
    Lay26 Rick Larocque
    what was the codes for peters and may U11?
  2. Walt Barney
    Walt Barney Joern Markset
    I have a used Boris meter that is a Gen 11 it is about 3 years old and works fine $100.00 + shipping The bottom of the case had set in laquar thinner and the finish is rough, the battery charger is included
    but the meter works perfect
    Walt Barney
    Tanks 2 U
    Walt's Hobbies
  3. davetheacguy
    davetheacguy KayeRickatson
    Well Good luck ! I've been out for years, so Much has changed. Finding parts is a nightmare ! dave
  4. KayeRickatson
    KayeRickatson miniczar
    Dear David: I'm interested in your gas Canard. Would you consider shipping to Canada (Toronto) if I cover associated additional costs?

  5. jim kapanowski
    jim kapanowski
    Ok Nick money has been sent thanks jim kapanowski 14733kilbourn ave midlothian il 60445 please ship to this address
  6. Nickcagle
    Nickcagle jim kapanowski
  7. Benwright
    Hydropikey all the way
  8. davetheacguy
    davetheacguy KayeRickatson
    I'm looking for old worn OPS .67 pistons ? Can You help ? thanks dave B
    1. KayeRickatson
      I don't have any OPS .67 parts. I'm new to RC boats, just finding my way around., I have a lot to learn.
      Apr 13, 2019 at 2:16 AM
  9. bzubee
    bzubee Joe Wiebelhaus
    Joe do you have 2 more of those CMB remote needle assemblies for 67 /80 size engines? It looked like you had sold them to Mike Michnick earlier?
  10. mitch56
    mitch56 Joe Wiebelhaus
    Hello Joe did you ever check on the raffle you won still looking for 1/4 scale tunnel boat ....Mark 727 687-8008
  11. htbboats
    htbboats Bill Britton
    The boats looks great! Have you run one yet? Hope it does well for you......let me know,
  12. John Otto
    John Otto normlee
    I will get you a price and shipping and get back with you tomorrow
  13. arne kantola
    arne kantola
    Mike, curious what happened? Haven't heard back from you.
  14. john bass
    john bass JoePeters
    hello Joe is the sport 20 for sale please call john bass at 941-451-3585...thanks
  15. David Ashcroft
  16. JoePeters
    R/C RACER SINCE 1996
  17. JoePeters
  18. toyotatruckin
  19. Mike Siriani
    Mike Siriani arne kantola
    I will measure it when I get home tonight
    1. arne kantola
      arne kantola
      Hey Mike, did get a chance to measure that tub tonight? Thanks again.
      Mar 28, 2019
  20. Grimracer