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  1. fred uftring
  2. namba276
    namba276 JoePeters
    Joe, the pipe I have is about 9" in length. If you have one I'd like to buy it for my sons sport21...let me know how much and I'll get funds from him and PayPal you.
  3. namba276
    namba276 Don Ferrette
    Don, can you please delete a post of mine " looking for an OPS 3280 pipe. It has become a personal attack on me and my morals basically. I would appreciate it very much. Thank you, Bob Tuttle
  4. namba276
    namba276 julianconde
    My friends dont judge me...guess we're not friends
  5. namba276
    namba276 JoePeters
    Hey Joe, I imagine the short pipe is for a 180 header and the long pipe is for mac style? I run a mac...
  6. namba276
    namba276 JoePeters
    Joe, I'm not sure which pipe I have...I'll measure tonite and get back to you...I appreciate it!
  7. namba276
    namba276 JoePeters
    Joe, I'm looking for an OPS 3280 nitro pipe. Wonder if you might have one you'd sell.
    Bob Tuttle
  8. dasboata
    dasboata Walt Barney
    need those props Walt
  9. Roger Lee Hooks Sr
    Roger Lee Hooks Sr David Murany
    For one pipe $65. You can pay PAY PAL:
  10. Walt Barney
    Walt Barney
    dasboata props will be mailed tomorrow, just got back in town
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    2. dasboata
      Thank you Walt I appreciate the open account I had no Idea they were shipped thank you and the wife is sending a check out now can I get your phone number again plz
      Aug 19, 2019 at 7:14 PM
  11. dasboata
    dasboata Walt Barney
    Walt can I get those 2-2916 paid for please send invoice to thanks Chris
  12. dasboata
    dasboata Walt Barney
    Walt can I get those 2-2916 paid for please send invoice to thanks Chris
  13. brad nichols
    brad nichols Aaron Lavigne
    where are you located?

  14. ScottHowe
    ScottHowe Walt Barney
    Looking for a 1717-19-38, do you have any or expecting some?
  15. Grimracer
  16. chriscarbon
    chriscarbon Josh Carlton
    Hello Josh,
    I checked VP fuel out and the boat fuel has some castor in it, so this should be very good fuel. If you have a Zenoah engine that you are having trouble with let me know and I will try to help you out. Thanks for the help at the Chicago Challenge. Chris
  17. DickJones
    DickJones BobBonahoom
    Bob, I have not received, any engines from U, have U shipped any engines to me, my shipping address, is , 1023 NW 25TH place, Cape Coral, Florida, 33993 If U changed your mind, just let me know.
  18. namba276
    namba276 Tommy Levescy
    What power you gonna run? Sport 21? Probably better ALL AROUND boat than rays??
  19. davetheacguy
    davetheacguy brad nichols
    You answered My post about steel vs Aluminum flywheels. You gave Me an answer I did not expect ! I've been told different
    I have brass flywheels ! any reason to use them ! Thanks dave
  20. Rokieboater
    Rokieboater Don Ferrette
    Have a fellow boater looking to contact you. Do you have an email address that I could forward to him.
    Robert Holland