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  1. Jerry Dunlap
    Jerry Dunlap Lee Whiteley
    Hi Lee,

    Give me a call. We're having a practice day next Saturday, the 21st, at Lake Waughop.

    Jerry 253-584-7131
  2. ThompsonSmith
    ThompsonSmith Will Gallagher
    Will, curious if you still have your monokai? Let me know, thanks.
    1. ThompsonSmith
      @Will Gallagher - only looking for photos, dimensions at this time. Looking to build another one =)
      Dec 8, 2019 at 11:12 PM
  3. Kevin Roach
    Kevin Roach Craig Limbocker
    I have a flow meter for you if your interested? May be a while before I make anymore.
  4. timwhalen
    timwhalen Butch Londrigan
    Hey Butch- this is the guy that bought that Zippkits JAE turn fin from you.
    Maybe we can talk. I left you a message on Facebook. I f you want, call or
    text me at (989) 450-3475, please... I've a MiniCraft being built, too.
    We might be able to cut the shipping price between us...was Roman's
    suggestion- 1 crate instead of 2.
  5. Larrykent
  6. Will Gallagher
    Will Gallagher
    I apologize, I should have looked at my email. I had received full price early this morning. So the engine is sold.. Sorry about that
  7. Will Gallagher
  8. Larrykent
  9. Larrykent
    Larrykent Will Gallagher
    Will you take 450 shipped on the red head ?
    1. Will Gallagher
      Will Gallagher
      Hi Larry, I have had a bunch of people message me that want it but with it being christmas money is a bit tight and they want me to hold it.. I don't want to do that. I would do $490 shipped...
      Dec 3, 2019
  10. Toru Komatsu
    Toru Komatsu Jerry_Crowther
    Hi Jerry,

    I could not send my reply with some pics. So I am resending this without the pics. I will try to send the pics later if you want to see them. This is the fourth try.

    Gear-down systems are quite popular in Japan, especially for heat racing monos, and a model boat hardware supplier (TRK) supplies them for 21’s, and 45’s. We usually use hulls one size bigger than those for direct drive.

  11. IgorMazor
    IgorMazor Craig Limbocker
    I can build you one with big gauge. Let me know if interesting. My cell number is 901-483-5726
  12. JohnHogan
    JohnHogan topfuel443
    Mark, my address is John Hogan 5312 Pacific Hwy. E., Fife WA 98424. send me your paypal info. thx john
  13. Walt Barney
    Walt Barney
    Dean, I will need your address Thanks Walt Barn ey
  14. Walt Barney
    Walt Barney
    Dean You can pay my via PP money order or by check total is $54.50.
  15. dean werges
    dean werges Walt Barney
    price an how you like to be paid ,,,,,,dean
  16. Kip Tullos
    Kip Tullos johnrobertson
    Great little engines!
    Kip Tullos
    3916 Seven Bark Circle
    Mountain Brook, AL 35243
  17. MarkDanielsSr
    MarkDanielsSr jim kapanowski
    Jim, made a 200 offer on the old Avenger hull in column. Let me know, thanks, Mark
  18. bzubee
    bzubee Alan Elzer
    Alan which version of Equi's pipe do you have? And how much do you want for it?
  19. brad nichols
    brad nichols happybradboating
    Hey Brad my address is:

    Brad Nichols
    #116 612 111 st. S.W.
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T6W 1R9


  20. Gary Reinhardt