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Electric Rules

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#106 Don Ferrette

Don Ferrette

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Posted Yesterday, 08:11 PM

Okay, now I'm curious.

Don, looking at your signature, everything listed says IMPBA.  That has me asking a couple of questions:

1)  When was the last time you raced at a NAMBA event?

2)  Why are you so adamant about what goes on in NAMBA?

I have quite a number of good friends in NAMBA (some of who are rather pissed about this train wreck), it impacted IMPBA FE 1/8th scale racers who crossed over (yes there are those who did and now can't) and it being some of the worst rules being created in a long time. Next..................

#107 Christian Lucas

Christian Lucas


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Posted Today, 01:33 AM

Good Morning boys.
The good ist , that most of you are realy honest person and want a nice race with other using a drive that has the level of your drive.
So the best is to think what to do to get all leveld . First is to set only very less limitations as for each you need somthing to control it ,does it fit the limitation.
1, Volts of the batterie. We all know that cell chemistry will only allow some 0,XX volts change after charge , maybee one is higher but has lower internal resistant or some have lower volts but can deliver higher current and some can deliver higher volts and higher current. This belong to each owen pre selection of his cell pack , and for a race it is the most important thing. . counting the number of cells and messuring the volts is ok and enough.
2, The kv of the motors . It is silly to do it as the electronics , the software and some hardware tricks can change it after the race is started. So not so good idea to do that. Let it open as so everyone has somthing that he can change in his setup.
3, Propellersize. Nice idea , with limited batterie a good way . Possible to use a laserprint propeller . only allowe to worke on the leading edge . So everyone can visual see the propeller and if there is a secret the race master can easy told the racer that he has to change the propeller and he can offer him one out of a box that he has from the production line.
Thatˋs all not moore limitation as all moore will make it much moore complicated and the fun will gone.

By the way i show you how raceres in history of F1 open Naviga class drop the voltage messuring . In this class the volts are limited to a max of 42 volts. With silver zink batteries most racer from the east raced in the past the volts if you run two cells moore than the free runing volts allow are up to 48 volts. So some seconds befor messuring they nearly short circuite the batterie that drop down the volts under 42 volts . Go to the messuring and all was good. But now the cell cemistry is realy got a super starter and this short will rise cell temp higher and so during the race the cells are start cooking the electrolyte inside . Battery cook very hoot so after the race a big steam cloude come out of the boat.

Have fun and do not limit to much as there is a way to overcome it. Make it useable for everyone so no one has to become a rulebreaker.

Happy Amps Christian

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