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Hydro Junkie

Here we go, first game of the season and the refs have two bad calls against the Seahawks, one resulting in an ejection and a Seattle TD pulled off the board. Worse yet is the multiple non-calls against the Packers DBs for pass interference that everyone calling the game are questioning. Kind of reminds me of Superbowl XL as far as officiating. Guess it's to be expected since the game is in Green Bay
Sep 10 2017 05:33 PM
  • Richard Hartley's Photo
    Richard Hartley
    Cant tell who you favor
    Sep 10 2017 08:55 PM
  • Hydro Junkie's Photo
    Hydro Junkie
    Has nothing to do with that. When Howie Long, Troy Aikman AND Joe Buck all question calls, there has to be something fishy going on. I referenced Superbowl XL due to the fact that at least one of the officials publicly apologized to the Seahawks for calls he got wrong after the game was long over
    Sep 11 2017 07:58 AM