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  • Wild thing 45
    Wild thing 45
    thanks guys,  I enlarged the original Wild Thing plans from Air Age
  • paint shop p-u 3
    paint shop p-u 3
    Nice boat Ted!
  • IMG 20160512 235811821
    IMG 20160512 235811821
    Brian,What did the boat finish out at as far as weight?One pound how many ounces?Looks nice. Did the carb come with a third channelO.S. Remote needle tap?Let Me Know Please?Mark Sholund
  • Wild thing 45
    Wild thing 45
    Nice build!!!
  • Wild thing 45
    Wild thing 45
    yes, nice! I have an original Dumas SK Daddle 60 kit that I want to do some similiar custom mods for exhaust

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