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      14 Sep

    so, I go outside just now to have a smoke before bed, & there's about a 200 lb. black bear sleeping in my front yard! A few shots from my Browning A-5 12 ga. in his general direction sent him running (-;

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Feb 20 2015 11:50 AM
Feb 2015
Posted By: Bill Brandt



I established Rattlesnake RC in 1990 as a hobby store to promote RC cars, both on and off road in the Tri-Cities, WA.  Although I was a local Credit Union Executive at the time it gave me a way to further support mine and my son's enjoyment of RC Racing.  At the time I had a pretty nice indoor track in the hobby store.  

In 1996 our interests moved to 1/8 Scale Hydroplane Racing.  We've loved the boats ever since we started. Here we race with RC Unlimiteds and Unlimiteds Northwest.  At National events we also get the opportunity to race our nitro twin riggers and 60 riggers.  I've tried to have needed parts on hand for those racers that breakdown and I now continue the business in retirement.


I don't try to have everything but I specialize in supplying some unique and harder to find items at prices that meet or beat mail order. I'm adding things constantly and when I post here on the forum it should be available on my site also.


My family races competitively and our experience along with our trials and errors hopefully helps you out. My son, Dave Brandt, is a past Scale Hydro Namba Champion.


Please stop by and thanks for looking,  http://www.allrc1.com/





Bill Brandt

Feb 05 2015 10:57 AM
Feb 2015
Posted By: TomMoorehouse

We will be updating the software this afternoon so if you experience any downtime that's why. 


Thanks for your patience everyone.

Jan 31 2015 11:30 AM
Jan 2015
Posted By: TimothyJones

Je Rc Products Has Gone .Com



Hi All,

I'm Still adding Items and have tested as much as I could. If you have any problems please let me know.

We can accept Credit Cards online and PayPal.

If you want to pay with a check just contact me as normal, as accepting online as this time, is just to expensive.

As a note: If anyone would like to Jump On board as a Wholesale Vendor/Supplier and get there product out there just let us know.

 I was even thinking of a swap area but haven't looked into how difficult that would be.

As A note: We Are Still On E-bay and E-bid

Thanks So Much For Everyone's Continued Support

Tim Jones

Jan 29 2015 09:37 AM
Jan 2015
Posted By: Grimracer

New from Futaba for all us Two Stick users!



Jan 05 2015 07:05 PM
Jan 2015
Posted By: bzubee

Breaking: Qatar Racing Club has terminated funding for all motorsports activities in North America. which includes the two-car Al-Anabi Racing team operated by Alan Johnson Racing, more > http://bit.ly/1rY55tG‪#‎NHRA‬

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