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Apr 02 2014 02:47 PM
Apr 2014
Posted By: TomMoorehouse

This weekend is the Toledo RC Model Show!  http://www.toledoshow.com/  I know alot of members attend the show every year. Who plans to attend this year? Give us back a report if you can. Take some pictures please.



Mar 24 2014 03:24 PM
Mar 2014
Posted By: TomMoorehouse

Thanks to our members generosity and love for the hobby we will be on the internet for another year. We reached our goal of $1550 and donations are now closed.


For the bottom of my heart I thank everyone who has helped. 



Tom Moorehouse

Mar 22 2014 08:53 AM
Mar 2014
Posted By: TomMoorehouse

It is that time again for the intlwaters annual donation drive. Help keep intlwaters running for another year. We have been having great success with our current host and software setup so I don't want to change anything. I would like to stick with liquidweb for our host $1428 per year and Invision for the software $120 per year. I will round our goal to $1550. We don't need any extra money this year. I will close donations after we reach the goal.


Like last year I would like to offer the use of the donate.png graphic to those that donated in 2014.


I appreciate everyone's generosity for making intlwaters alive for another year.



Tom Moorehouse


Mar 04 2014 05:30 AM
Mar 2014
Posted By: TomMoorehouse

If you have any RC Boating news be sure to post it to the news forum!


Until then here is a nice picture:


Feb 24 2014 11:20 AM
Feb 2014
Posted By: TomMoorehouse

I wanted to post an update to my net neutrality post. As I predicted comcast is extorting nexflix for faster service. I wonder how long until they start slowing other websites down. Nothing about this is good for the consumer.


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