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Sep 14 2018 07:49 AM
Sep 2018
Posted By: Carl Van Houten

Who is using the HItec Lynx radio with the telemetry and what are the pros and cons with it? 




Apr 19 2018 06:10 AM
Apr 2018
Posted By: Charles Perdue

No news is good news....

Apr 13 2018 01:47 PM
Apr 2018
Posted By: GraysonTaylor

I got a link to the AMA site to let your congressmen know you are in support of model aviation. It's up for vote next month. It's quick and easy and I can't believe flying model airplanes could ever be illegal. Even if you don't fly, please support model airplanes! Sorry if this post is off topic, but if model airplanes go, what's next?


Thank you,




Sep 25 2017 07:47 PM
Sep 2017
Posted By: DON MAHER

We have a very hard choice to be made! Three hall of famers and one still in office of the pres.
I know them all and all more than able to do the job! So it comes down who you think will do the most to make NAMBA better in all aspects of this great hobbie. For me that person is Mark Grim! I know the man, his work ethic, his integrity, his tenacity to get things done and his passion for NAMBA to be a great family affair and fair for everyone!
I hope that you will consider giving Mark Grim your vote.

Don Maher

Sep 24 2017 01:24 PM
Sep 2017
Posted By: darby96

As a member for 48 years I held several offices in NAMBA: 

National Awards & Records Chair, Nationals contest director for two successful contests
Nitro and gas, and two fast electric.          
The exciting changes in the last several years have been a step in the right direction.
Years ago I pushed for online voting, online  member and club registration, and local
clubs linked to NAMBA website. 
As I see it our biggest current challenge is communication and transparency,
We have the technology to resolve this by having video chats with our members.
I also plan on having  monthly video chats with our board members.
Things I see to focus on: 
- Growth of our organization with advertisement
- Promotion of our  organization with advertisement
- Expansion in running sites - support with funds to districts needing new sites
- Leverage of membership population to create more benefits for members
- Elevation of hobby/sport in public’s perception from a small mom and pop hobby.
- Alignment with what is raced and what is sold in the hobby shops, like cars and helicopters.
- Generate more revenue for the organization by creating products and services
   the membership would be interested in purchasing
   (ie. hotel and campground discount cards, fuel discounts, glow plug discounts)
Let’s move on with new innovative ideas by not following the old.
I see my responsibility as president to listen and follow  through as needed.
Together we can make this a very competitive organization, with a family atmosphere.
I would appreciate your vote this election. 
If you agree with this please send it on to your NAMBA friends
Thank You, Dave Bestpitch

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